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Tombstone Photographs Taken At Everton Church Cemetery, Fayette County, Indiana.

Tombstone of Joel Hubbell

Tombstone of Joel Hubbell
(s/o Henry "Harry" Hubbell and Elizabeth Titus)
born February 23, 1811
died March 6, 1874
Bottom of stone illegible

This is my 3rd ggrandfather.

Tombstone of Harriet Norton Hubbell, Edwin A. Hubbell and Clo Hubbell

Harriet Norton Hubbell (Joel's Wife)
born November 4, 1811
died November 29, 1901
(This is my 3rd ggrandmother)
Edwin A. Hubbell
born August 21, 1849
died ______, 1922
Clo Hubbell
born July 26, 1857
died ______, 1949

Joseph Hubbell

Fayette County's Last Civil War Veteran Taken by Death

From the Richmond (IN) Palladium, June 13, 1941, p. 1, c. 2-3

     CONNERSVILLE, Ind. - Joseph Taggart Hubbell, 96 years old, the last surviving Civil war veteran in Fayette county, died early Thursday morning at his home in Everton. Death followed an illness of but a few days.
     He was born in Mount Carmel, Ind., Sept. 26, 1845, and came to Everton with his parents, Joel and Harriett Norton Hubbell, when a small child. He was the last survivor of a family of seven children. When 18 years old he enlisted in the Union army and served six months the last year of the war in the service of Company D, 139th Indiana infantry. Mr. Hubbell enlisted in the schoolhouse in which he received his formal education, the building having also been used as a recruiting station. In 1938, accompanied by his nephew, William Moore, rural mail carrier in Fayette county, he attended a reunion of Civil war veterans at Gettysburg, Pa.
     Following his discharge from the army Mr. Hubbell returned to Everton where he worked as a blacksmith until an injury forced his retirement in 1918. He was a charter member of the Odd Fellows lodge, organized in Everton in 1870, and attended meetings regularly until the lodge was moved to Connersville.
     He was twice married, his first wife being Jenny Moore, who died many years ago. His second wife, formerly Mary Miller of Shelbyville, died in 1934.
     He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Scott, with whom he lived.
     Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. (c.s.t.) Sunday, at the Everton Methodist church in charge of Rev. U. V. Faris. Burial will be in the adjoining cemetery. Friends may call at the Moster Funeral home in Rushville Friday and at the residence in Everton beginning Saturday.
     T. P. Rockafellow, the last Civil war veteran residing in Connersville, died May 29.

(Joseph was brother to my 2nd ggrandfather, Willis Adelbert Hubbell.)

Letter written to Howard Chapman, Jr. (son of Grace Vera Hubbell & Howard Chapman) & his wife, Marian Neff Chapman
from Billie Cockefair Fields (daughter of Alma Hubbell & Elisha Cockefair).


Dear Marian & H.J.

      Were you watching the news when they were telling about the Union Station? I was, and a little clip was from inside and there was Doug. All by myself but I yelled, "there's Doug"!
     H.J. wanted the information about his family that I had sent to Jo. I'm slow about getting things done. If you decide to trace back the library there has the forms to use and you start with yourself and work backwards.
     I'll start on a separate page. We really enjoyed 42nd st. Got to see Doug afterwards and got a hug and a kiss. Mary & I are going to I Do, I Do at Richmond next Sunday (1-29). We aren't telling it until we try it out and see if it's any good. They are just starting.

     Grandma Hubbell's (Lib/Elizabeth) maiden name was Haas. She had 2 sisters that I know of - Aunt Maggie & Aunt Meelie. I forgot about Aunt Meelie for Jo. Aunt Maggie had 3 children, Margaret, John, & Will (I think Will is right). None ever married. John was very successful, Will was a drunkard. Can't remember the last name. H.J. you should remember Margaret because she and your mother were very close & she visited in your home. My mother took German in school and wrote to an Uncle Melchure (sp.) [Melchior] who taught in a German University. His last name was Aar [Auer]. Don't know where he fit in the picture.
     Grandpa Hubbell (Willis Adelbert) had 2 brothers that I know of. Neither had children. Uncle Ed married Chloe German and lived in Everton. Uncle Jo lived in Everton also and was 1 of the last Civil War Vets. His birthday was always a big "social event" in Everton. No children. He was married to Aunt Jenny who had a tongue like a barbed wire fence, I'm told. He married again after her death. Can't remember her name.
     Grandma & Grandpa Hubbell had 8 little girls. Vestie and Beatrice died. Beatrice, I think, is buried in Cambridge City. Vestie is in City Cemetery here in C'Ville. Evidently Grandma had a stone for the one in C. City because she never mentioned it but she bought one for Vestie, & Garner & I put it where she thought her grave was. Then when Larry died Dorothy wanted a stone put for her little brother (still born). We went to the court house & got a map of city cemetery & found the lot in Grandpa Hubbell's name. We had the wrong spot so I had it changed & set on cement. Now I may have their names backwards (Vestie & Beatrice).
     Of the other 6 girls, Aunt Clara was the oldest. She married Percy Balch & they had one child, Beulah. She had scarlet fever at an early age and died. Aunt Clara married a man from Cambridge City. His last name was Ocker. We called him "Uncle Rudy" but his real name was Ernest. He wasn't good to Aunt Clara. She had a stroke. Mother & I were with her when she died. She is at Dale.
     I do not know the order of ages except my Mother was the youngest. Aunt Bertha married Max Makin (or Mahan). They had 2 girls - Mildred who married Howard "Something." They moved to Oregon where she died just a few years ago. He was a commercial artist. Frances married a dentist - Dr. Maurice Longenecker. They lived in Elkhart in summer and Clearwater, Fl. in winter. His dentist practice was in Elkhart. No children but they adopted 1 girl, Donna. She is married and has child or children. Francis and Mildred were teachers. Francis lived with us and taught at Everton.
     Aunt Ethel married Roy Walker. 1st child (Charles) was still born and then came Dorothy. Uncle Roy made money anyway that was illegal - chicken fights - gambling - etc. Dorothy has the money & squeezes a penny until Abe screams.
     Aunt Blanche married Sam Henry. They lived on a farm near Liberty. I remember as a child when we went there, that I was scared to death because you had to (walk) cross a creek on a swinging bridge. They had 4 children - Helen, Emily, Clara & Dale. Helen married Herbert Dungan. They had 4 children. David (lives here - works telephone Co., Russell Lowell - filling station somewhere in Indpls. Donald (Dixie) lived on the Dungan home place. Married Janice Caldwell. Donald has the inherited disease from his father & is in the Masonic Hospital. They (Dixie & Herb) live on & on but can't walk, or talk so you can understand them and are in constant jerking motion. One girl, Elaine, wilder than a March Hare. Has been married more times than I have fingers & toes. Don't know where she is now. (David has 3 children - 2 girls - 1 boy - all here.)
     Clara married Elmer Pollar & lives at Boston near Richmond. I don't know if she is still living. I doubt it as she was quite a bit older than I. I only know of 1 child - Phyllis.
     Emily moved to Indy & just faded into the wild blue yonder. Her sisters never heard from her.
     Dale - 1st wife died. Married again & lives in Largo near Clearwater.

The letter ends here, page ripped in half.

Grace Vera Hubbell

1966 - Age 77 years
Grace Vera (Hubbell) Chapman
(1888 - 1979)
My ggrandmother

Daughter of Willis Adelbert & Elizabeth (Haase) Hubbell

Granddaughter of Joel & Harriet (Norton) Hubbell

Willis Hubbell Family

The Willis A. Hubbell Family
Ca. 1916

Front Row (sitting): Claire (Hubbell) Balch, Elizabeth (Haase) Hubbell, Willis Adelbert Hubbell
Back Row (standing): Bertha (Hubbell) Makin, Grace (Hubbell) Chapman, Ethel (Hubbell) Walker, Alma (Hubbell) Cockefair, Blanche (Hubbell) Henry

Obituary of my 2nd ggrandmother, Elizabeth (Haase) Hubbell:

Connersville News-Examiner, Monday, June 13, 1932

An angel came in the morning, across the pathway bright
And softly whispered a mother's name and led her to the light
Her life on earth looked brighter to us and brighter seemed to grow
As years sped on, and even yet, they're brighter than we know
It's a precious light that lingers over home and far away
And soon the soul awakens at the dawn of another day

So a last tribute we pay to her who is not far away
She is just across the Border Land
Close in the "Gates of Day."

Elizabeth, daughter of William and Barbara Haase, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 18, 1852. Soon after, the family moved to Wayne county, Indiana. Here, she grew to womanhood and was united in marriage to Willis A. Hubbel on May 18, 1875, at the parsonage in Germantown, now called Pershing. Together they trod life's pathway for nearly fifty years, their married life being spent in Connersville and on the farm near Everton.

Eight daughters blessed this union. Four preceded her in death. Vessie and Beatrice died in infancy. Mrs. Blanche Henry of Liberty and Mrs. Bertha Mahen of Indianapolis passed away a few years ago. The four remaining are Mrs. Clara E. Balch of Newcastle, PA.; Mrs. Grace Chapman of Indianapolis; Mrs. Ethel Walker of Connerseville; Mrs. Alma Cockefair, with whom she had made her home since the death of the husband and father, which occurred on July 7, 1923. Of the Haase family, one sister survives, Mrs. J.N. White of Seymour, Ind. There are also left to mourn thirteen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, to whom she was greatly attached.

In early womanhood she united with the Baptist church at Cambridge City and those who knew her best can truly testify to her beautiful christian life.

A few weeks ago disease laid it's relentless hand upon Aunt Lizzie and during all the time of her intense suffering she bore it so patiently, always hopeful of recovery, so happy in having her four faithful daughters at her bedside.

Such a beautiful Sabbath morning June 12, when the messenger came and bore her immortal spirit away, back to the Father who gave it. Seventy-nine years, 10 months and 24 days had the earth been her abiding place, but in heaven she lives forever.

She had not lived these years in vain. Her days had been full of kindly deeds as a friend, neighbor, wife and mother. Her home was the open door to hospitality.

In the home of Alma, where she had lived so long, she will be sadly missed. It was there her loved ones gathered around her to bask in the sunshine of her happy smiles.

To be a good mother is the golden crown of womanhood and surely these daughters shall always remember the love and sacrifices she gave to them.

God is love and mother is nearest to God for no mortal love is as pure, as unselfish, as true and as deathless as mother love.

Think of her then as not being dead. She is just away, united in a loving reunion with the dear ones gone before.

To the sorrowful ones, we commend you, in this hour of sore bereavement in to your Heavenly Father, whose love shall sustain you and who promises to be with you always as a refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble.

Way down in my heart there's a melody
That sings of a mother's love
And wings me heavenly messages
On the wings of a peaceful dove

It sings of the softest melody
It sings with a golden chime
And wherever I go, I always know
It's with me all the time

Her love sheilds me from danger
And bids me have no fear
For there is naught that gives one hope
Like a mother's loving care

Then I'll sing of my mother's memory
I'll sing it again and again
Till at last we shall sing together
In that soft and sweet refrain

We'll sing as we dwell in Heaven
We'll sing forever and aye
And none shall bid us do otherwise
On that happy golden day

Card of Thanks
To the friends and kind neighbors and all those who assisted us during the illness and at the time of the death of our mother, Elizabeth Haase Hubbell, we wish to express our deep appreciation. To the Rev. Barrett for his consoling words, to the singers and the undertaker, Mr. Mosier, for his efficient manner we are also deeply grateful.

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